Thursday, 23 January 2014

WinterTech 2014

Tonight we presented at our district's WinterTech 2014 technology conference. There were a variety of sessions including using screen casting apps, twitter tips, using Book Creator, iMovie, and simple Smart Board creation for resource.

Our session was about how we use iPads in our intermediate classroom. 

We shared how we use a variety of apps and student samples for each, as well as tips and tricks that we've learned on our two year iPad journey. 

The apps we shared:
  • Drawing Box
  • Popplet Lite
  • Doodle Buddy
  • Skitch
  • Haiku Deck
  • Using and creating QR Codes
  • Audioboo
  • Book Creator
  • Voice Thread
  • 30 Hands
  • NFB Pix Stop

Some take aways from our presentation:
  • teach creative apps that can be used in many curricular areas
  • start small: pick one app and have students become "app experts" by using the app in several subject areas
  • don't overload on apps: maybe focus on three or four apps for the year
  • avoid subject specific apps that are game focussed as they have a limited use (and we don't use iPads for "free time"- our iPad work is project and criteria based)
  • don't give up when tech issues arise, as they always do
  • ask for help: have a tech buddy or expert 

We plan on writing posts on all of the apps listed above, including student samples and extension of the ideas, we just need some time to do so. This is a very new blog and our heads are full of everything that we want to share!

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